Origin of Cacao
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How to prepare a traditional Cacao drink like our Ancestors from Ecuador

We are a small team of Cacao Artists co-creating Healing Alchemy

Our journey begins at a little town called Timbiré, located in the province of Esmeraldas at the Ancient Origin of Cacao Ecuador. The fermentation of our seeds is the next step after harvesting. All inspired on creating ancestral medicine for our Soul tribe in Scotland, seeking a deeper connection with our roots, and following a healing call of activating the heart of our Planet from inside out.

After finding different Cacao brands selling ceremonial Cacao from Ecuador, outside of our native Land we understood we needed to travel to the origin of Cacao to find our team to expand a medicine that is so powerful, so sensitive, so needed.

Our journey began in 2021, and since then we've been working towards coherence to offer you a single Origin Cacao of the best standards.

Our Ancient Cacao trees are lovingly taken care of by Hector and Magdalena. They also take care of the post-harvesting process.

Then, our Cacao seeds arrive at our Shamanic Cacao Lab to be further processed.

The process could not be completed without the presence of Sacred Slowl Fire and Wood to activate even more our Cacao Seeds with the roasting process.

It is the Alchemy of the four elements which creates an authentic Medicinal Cacao paste.

We work only with endemic Cacao species coming from an analog agroecological farm.

No monocultures or artificial fertilizers are part of our production process.

We are so proud to offer you medicine from the middle of our world: from latitude O° O' O'' ancient medicine to heal hearts and support overall balance.

Meet our Cacao Couple of Producers

Why to serve you pre-selected Cacao?

By Carbon 14 tests from 2016, we now know that Cacao, Kakao, was honoured by Mayo Chinchipe Maranon people located in what now is called Ecuador. The perfect conditions blossom from the country of the endless summer. A fractal of the heart of Pacha Mama centre of Kundalini power as described by many wise elders among different moments of history.

As described in "The Serpent of Light" by Drumvalo Melkisadeck we are living times where the Kundalini of Pacha Mama is directing herself into heart activation, so that humanity evolves into another intergalactic race too.

For this to happen, a level of purity and connection, harmony translated in coherence appears to be key to fully ground a new paradigm into physical reality.

Our promise of purity begins inside the land. Feeding mama just with that we could feed ourselves, nothing artificial, we are a purely permacultural Cacao Sanctuary taken care of daily by Magdalena and Hector.

We fertilize and protect our trees with the same Cacao Husk for ritual tea available for you to integrate healing as your moment-to-moment ritual.

Why We have only two official caregivers of our Cacao loves?

Well, they are extremely sensitive, you can imagine, a tree that produces Medicine to recover and empower hearts, the brain of a being energy and physical system. You can tell this will be a very ancient spirit with powerful capacities that have been cultivated over time. I like to say that Cacao trees are The Most Generous. Whenever there are impurities, they will try to heal the land, and clear the space from contaminants. Our land is so pure because we make decisions that are supportive of her in the long run. No chemicals or additives are placed on our Cacao Arriba Nacional Fino de Aroma trees, they receive the best of the best treatment. We take very good care of the people who enter our Sanctuary so that we can assure the best quality of Ancient Heart Medicine for our WorldWild community.

Ancient medicine

Our people are what make us unique. Rather than outsourcing the post-harvesting process to a factory, we provide them with an environment that supports their committed professional growth.

Hector and Magdalena, inheritors and protectors of our Cacao trees. We have been working together since February 2023. Motivated by their high energetic awareness and respect for the ancient wisdom we keep confirming why fewer hands manipulating our Cacaos reflect on an elevated degree of Spiritual Energy.

More hands imply more energy. For a Master Plant profoundly sensitive as Cacao is, being manipulated by many hands can affect not only the trees but the overall quality of the medicine that is produced.

Magdalena Renteria

Cacao Artist and Producer

Maria Amaru

AYA Pacha Cacao founder


Cacao Artist and Producer